The Flying Scotsman

Having spent my summer singing all three Wotans and Kurwenal, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to have a stab at The Flying Dutchman, or Der fliegende Holländer, as it’s known in German.  I say “finally” because it is a role I have studiously avoided for a long time. With good reason. Both Norman Bailey … More The Flying Scotsman

Suck it up.

Bad nights. We’ve all had them. I’ve certainly had my share over the last 25 years. For as long as I’ve been singing, I’ve dreamed of one day singing Wotan at Bayreuth, and, last Tuesday, in Das Rheingold, I finally got my chance. And I sucked. Big time. Why? I simply couldn’t breathe properly. When … More Suck it up.

The Greatest

The world is reeling today from the powerful haymaker that is the death of Muhammad Ali.  You can’t open a newspaper without reading eulogies to this remarkable man, a legend in his own lifetime, and an inspiration to generations. Growing up in Glasgow in the late seventies and early eighties, you simply couldn’t escape boxing. … More The Greatest

A few thoughts on ENO

Anyone who knows me, knows the high esteem in which I hold English National Opera. It’s home. It’s where I learned my craft. It’s the place where I have enjoyed some of the proudest moments of my professional career. A year on the Jerwood Young Singers Programme, followed by three years as a full company … More A few thoughts on ENO

Hola! Bogotá!

As I sit here idling away a free afternoon, sipping on a tasty local artisan ale in a deserted Colombian bar, Chumbawumba playing on the jukebox, the swell of the city ebbing and flowing around me, two intrepid little ladies have just dived headlong into the middle of heavy traffic and started waving their arms … More Hola! Bogotá!

Oh, Vienna…

If you asked people to close their eyes and try to picture a typical opera house in their head, I suspect that many would immediately conjure up an image of the Vienna Staatsoper, so iconic is this wonderful old building. Opened in 1869, and restored after severe damage to the auditorium and backstage areas during … More Oh, Vienna…

Wagnerak Valhalla

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve dreamt of singing at Bayreuth. To us Wagneraks (Wagner-anoraks) this place is, well, it’s Valhalla, the home of our vocal gods, where the spirits of our singing heroes and heroines, past and present, are forever celebrated. If popular wisdom is to be believed, then heading to a place … More Wagnerak Valhalla