Coach-building a role

One of the toughest parts of performing a new role is learning the bloody thing in the first place. Note-bashing, that time-honoured tradition of parking yourself at the piano and hammering the role note-by-stubborn-note into your recalcitrant, protesting brain, is a curse familiar to all singers. And the words? Nothing for it but parrot-fashion repetition, … More Coach-building a role

Over the Rainbow-Bridge

Flying sucks. Queues, delays, cramped legs, wailing children, lost luggage, unfettered, inescapable body odour. People with an inability to maintain a constant walking pace whilst moving in a straight line. Hobbits under five feet tall smiling smugly from the emergency exit seats. It’s all just part of the thankless bean-feast that is international air travel. … More Over the Rainbow-Bridge