The Old Bastard

They say you never forget your first time, and it’s absolutely true. I was an 18-year old music student in Glasgow the first time I heard Wotan’s Farewell. Sitting in the music library, headphones on, listening to an LP (that’s a Long-Playing vinyl recording, for those who are too young to remember, or so old … More The Old Bastard

Genug der Wort’!

The old AyePatz bleurgh has been sporadic at best these past few months, owing to a hefty/borderline insane schedule that has seen me taking on Kurwenal, Hans Sachs, and Walküre Wotan in just five hectic months. All three roles have been new to my repertoire, and, unfortunately, whenever I’ve had the urge to set down … More Genug der Wort’!

God Almighty

“What advice would you give a young singer starting out on a career?” the little boy asks the mighty Odin. He ponders for a moment. “Get out on the stage as often as possible and build experience.” Aaaaaaand… <scene>. He probably didn’t know it at the time, but with these words, John Tomlinson described for me the arc that my career … More God Almighty

Walhall of a Mess

Yesterday was a good day. All was well with the world. Order reigned. Today? Not so good. A bit up and down, if I’m honest. People are pissed. Alberich is pissed because I took his Ring (and his finger). The Rhinemaidens are pissed because “their” gold has been stolen. And Fricka is pissed because… well, … More Walhall of a Mess