The Fear

We’ve all been there. Cold sweats. Pounding pulse. Butterflies. Clammy palms. Dry mouth. Sticky throat. And then the orchestra starts playing a completely different opera from the one you were expecting. Thankfully, most of us wake up at that point and thank our lucky stars that it was all just a horrible performance anxiety nightmare. … More The Fear


Two separate, and seemingly disparate, elements have influenced this week’s blog. The first was a recent conversation with a friend who challenged me to summarise the plot of the opera in which I’m currently appearing – a new production of Strauss’ Daphne at La Monnaie in Brussels – in 10 words or less. This is … More #3wordoperaheadlines

Buckets of Fun

After a summer break where I tried to get as far from the world of opera as possible, I’m back on the road, and back on the blog, once more whinging about all the stuff that irritates me about a singer’s life. I have long considered the two most frustrating periods in my singing life … More Buckets of Fun