Wagnerak Valhalla

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve dreamt of singing at Bayreuth. To us Wagneraks (Wagner-anoraks) this place is, well, it’s Valhalla, the home of our vocal gods, where the spirits of our singing heroes and heroines, past and present, are forever celebrated. If popular wisdom is to be believed, then heading to a place … More Wagnerak Valhalla

Hugs all round

Made it. My five-month non-stop Wagner extravaganza is finally over, and, as I wait for the BA check-in desk to open, there’s a little time for reflection. Back to back role debuts of Kurwenal, Hans Sachs, and Walküre Wotan were always going to be a tall order, and, now that we’ve finished our final show … More Hugs all round