Who doesn’t love a succulent? Or an orchid? I find their weird, otherworldly forms fascinating. Rain stopped play again last week, so I thought I’d try out some indoor picture-making, and these made for interesting subjects.

I gathered up some of our houseplants and tried to make ‘portrait’ style studies of them. Taken in natural light on the dining room table, I used a telephoto lens, slow exposures (2-4 secs), and a very small aperture (f/32). This aperture setting allows for great depth of field, but softens the images very slightly, a natural side effect of lens diffraction. Whilst a larger aperture gave slightly sharper images, I found that I preferred the softer look.

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  1. Stop taking pictures, and get on the train to Leipzig!

    Look forward to seeing / hearing you in a few days time.

    Richard and Sylvia Lemon – travelled by train from Chepstow for the Ring (and some beer and trams!)

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